March 7th Winter Storm (Updated at 4:45 pm)

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The snowstorm has now passed from our area, and cleanup operations are underway.

As there are still some residences without power, people are welcome to come to the Township building at 209 Bishop Hollow Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 to get warm and charge their phones.

Snow plowing operations will continue well into the night.  The snow is heavy and there is a lot of it.  Numerous times during the storm we needed to stop plowing to address fallen trees and branches before continuing with plowing.  Crews will continue plowing until the roads are cleared and salted curb-to-curb, and they are going neighborhood-to-neighborhood.  Please have patience – we are on our way.  Keep obstructions (including vehicles) off the street wherever possible and do not throw snow back into the street.

Again, if you are in an area where power has yet to be restored, check on your neighbors to make sure they too are safe.



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The snowfall during today’s storm is expected to be heavy, especially between 11am and 3pm.  Please be careful if you absolutely have to travel, and we encourage you not to travel unless you really need to.

There are still many who are without power from the storm of March 2nd, so please check on your neighbors to make sure they are OK.  PECO is working as quickly as they can to restore power and to remove trees entangled in wires.

Newtown Township’s Public Works were out beginning at 1:30 this morning clearing the roads of snow, and are out doing so at this time.  We re-post the following information from the Public Works web page regarding plowing and salting operations for your information:

Newtown Township Snow and Ice Removal Information

PennDOT  Winter Operations and Safety

Most important to remember as we plow are to please be patient, to keep vehicles off the streets until they are clear, to remove anything that could obstruct our plow trucks from plowing the streets and not to shovel or blow snow back into the street.

Thank you for reading and following the above information. We hope it helps you, your neighbors and we your township staff in keeping our roadways clear and safe during this and all weather incidents.


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