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The Municipal Authority, a five-member board serving for overlapping five-year terms, is organized for the purpose of constructing or otherwise providing the facilities necessary to furnish sewage disposal in Newtown Township. They oversee new sewer projects within the Township and help to facilitate hooking up to sewers for residents. They also do planning for future projects in the Township.


7:00 pm on the First Monday of the month
Township Building, 
209 Bishop Hollow Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073

Agendas & Minutes


Name Position
Joseph Sweeney Chairman
Mark Kay Treasurer
Thomas Daniel Smith Member
Maria Kane Member
Joseph Cylc Member

J. Michael Sheridan Esq., Solicitor
Sheridan, Bracken & Wenke
230 N. Monroe Street
Media, PA 19063

Jamie MacCombie, Engineer
Herbert MacCombie Associates, INC
PO BOX 118
Broomall, PA 19008

Meeting Agendas and Documents

2016 Sewer Bills

In an effort to better serve the residents of Newtown Township, a decision has been made to move from annual sewer billing to quarterly sewer billing.  We believe this transition will provide some major benefits to its residents and businesses.

First, this should improve the overall customer service of the billing by giving the Township the opportunity to design new sewer bills that provide better detail and enhanced clarity of what is currently being charged.  Second, unlike the former annual bills that necessitated a larger one-time payment by the resident or business, quarterly billing will allocate the cost over four quarters.  Lastly, this method gives Newtown the chance to bill based off current usage. In the past, Newtown Township’s sewer bills were based on the previous year’s water consumption.

In 2016, bills will be calculated using water consumption during each current quarter.  While quarterly billing gives residents and businesses “real time” usage billing, the Township still need to make up for the year that we have always billed behind.  So as not to excessively burden those who pay sewer bills, Newtown will charge for this missing year gradually over 4 years.  In other words, each quarterly bill will also include 1/16 of what would have been the 2015 annual bill.  This gradual payment of the missing 2015 sewer bill over 4 years time should bring your sewer billing up-to-date without adding an excessive financial hardship to you.

Newtown believes that the switch to quarterly, will not only improve the overall satisfaction of its residents, but also put the Township as a whole in a better place moving forward.  We are providing residents with a sample bill to assist in understanding how to read your bill. If you have any further questions, please call 610-356-1160.

Sample Bill

Sewer Rate

Infrastructure Letter 5/1/18

DELCORA TAP IN FEE- the DELCORA tap in fee is $1500.

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