Delivery of New Residential Recycling Carts Begins on Monday, April 10th

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Newtown Township is pleased to announce that the delivery of new residential recycling carts is set to begin on Monday, April 10, 2017 – almost two months earlier than had been anticipated.  With these new carts the storing of material to be recycled and moving of that material to the curb on recycling day is even easier for you.

These carts will be hand-delivered to each home that the Township collects recycling from.  We ask that as soon as your new cart is delivered:

  • Place whatever recyclable materials you currently have into your new recycling container. These will be collected on your regular recycling day.
  • Please put the old (now empty) white cans and lids at the curb.
  • Public Works staff will be by to collect them the the following morning. The old cans are to be recycled themselves, with the reclaimed plastic being used to create new containers and other items.

The ability of Newtown Township to provide these to you has been an effort supported by many people.  Residents, staff and elected leadership of our community desired to help make recycling easier for everyone while increasing how much material we recycled.  Back in November of 2015, Newtown Township submitted a grant request to the Department of Environmental Protection, asking to help us purchase new recycling containers for our residents.  Last year, we learned that Newtown had been selected to have our project 90% funded by a Department of Environmental Protection Act 101 Section 902 Recycling Grant.  We are thankful to the DEP for their help, and also for recognizing how important recycling is to our community.

We hope you fill it up with all the materials that can be recycled, and to do your part in preventing as much as possible from entering the waste stream.

Great care was taken in the design, production and delivery of your container.  The cart is sturdy, simple to use and move, holds a great deal of material, and has a strong lid.  It can be collected by hand or using a mechanized truck.  All your recyclable materials can go into the one cart – no need to separate!  Each cart has been assigned to a particular home and must remain with that residence, as it is the property of Newtown Township.

Information about recycling in Newtown Township is also being delivered along with the new carts.  Read it carefully, and watch for recycling news and events (such as the annual electronic, household hazardous waste and yard waste collection events) here on this Township website and in the Township newsletter, located within Marple Newtown IN Community Magazine.

No matter how your recycling is collected – through the Township, through an association where you live or if you are a business or school who recycles following commercial / institutional guidelines, Newtown Township thanks you for your efforts to recycle.  Recycling may be a state and local requirement, but it is also the responsible thing to do and is a great benefit to our community and our environment.


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