The Comprehensive Plan: Planning for Our Future

Latest news for the Comprehensive Plan:

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on August 8, 2016 after a Public Hearing held on August 8, 2016 at the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Click the link below for the Adopted Comprehensive Plan:

Adopted Newtown Township Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Commission is excited to announce that the Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan is ready! There will be a special public meeting on May 4, 2016 at 7pm to present the final draft to the public for a 45 day review period. The meeting will be held in the Board Room of the Newtown Township Building, 209 Bishop Hollow Rd, Newtown Square, PA 19073.  A copy of the Final Draft is available here. Additionally, copies are also available at the Township Building and the Newtown Public Library.

Draft of Comprehensive Plan available for 45 Day Review Period

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the process of analyzing the current condition of the Township and planning for the future growth of the community; covering such issues as land use and development, housing needs, community facilities, protection of cultural and natural resources, transportation and infrastructure.

Newtown Township last adopted a Comprehensive Plan in 2001. As per the Pennsylvania Municipality Planning Code (MPC) (Section 301.c), the plan must be reviewed every ten (10) years. The first meeting was December 3rd, 2014. To see a schedule of the process and opportunities for involvement, click on the schedule below!

Comprehensive Plan Schedule and Process

Why should I be concerned with the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a process of planning for the Township’s future. It sets the municipality’s land use policies and provides a sound foundation for the Township ordinances. A successful comprehensive plan requires citizen input!! For a plan to be truly representative of all residents, it is imperative that all constituents of the community participate and join the conversation to shape their future.  This is YOUR vision! The Township Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission strongly encourage the community to participate in this process!

 More info and Documents on the Comprehensive Plan?

As documents become available we will post them here!

Flyer for the Kick Off Meeting for the Comprehensive Plan

Agenda for Kick Off Meeting

Comprehensive Plan Flyer for January 7th

Comprehensive Plan Agenda for January 7th

Public Workshop Flyer

April 23rd Public Workshop Flyer

Agenda for May 6th, 2015

Agenda for September 2nd, 2015

Flyer for the Public Workshop on September 22nd

November 4, 2015 Agenda

Summary Document


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