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On our Stormwater page you will find significant information and links to the people and resources available to help us in the protection of our water resources, stream paths and aquifers. The township is working hand in hand with organizations such as CRC, DCVA and implementation of the PADEP MS-4 requirements for protection of our Darby Creek and Crum Creek Watershed.

Newtown Township Pollution Reduction Plan, September 24, 2018

Clean Water Partners booklet – what you can do to help

Rainfall Presentation Report by Stantec 5/27/18

Caring for Your Streamside Property

Water Quality Reporting Resources / Info for Residents

Our residents can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams before more damage and pollution is created, as they are often the first to notice the problems.


Monthly Stormwater Planner


Newly Posted Information, Flyers and Brochures from the CRC:


  • Educational Materials from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council,   CLICK HERE
  • Educational Materials from the Water Resource Education Network,   CLICK HERE


Links for Information and Brochures:

• Alternatives to Pesticides,  CLICK HERE

• Alternatives to Salt for Treating Icy Sidewalks and Driveways,  CLICK HERE

• Approval to Build is Only the Beginning…to Protecting Water Quality,  CLICK HERE

• Auto Maintenance Good Practices, CLICK HERE

• Can Meadows be Greener than Grass, CLICK HERE

• Car Washes & Your Stream Pamphlet, CLICK HERE

• Cars for Clean Creeks, CLICK HERE

• Dog Waste Article (Let’s “Pick it Up” for Safer Recreation and Cleaner Water) CLICK HERE

• Dog Waste Poster  CLICK HERE

• Fertilize Your Lawn the Easy Way,  CLICK HERE

• Greener than Grass, CLICK HERE

• Green Guide for Property Management, CLICK HERE

• Green Guide to Clean Water for Residents, CLICK HERE

• Keeping Car Washing from Hurting our Streams, CLICK HERE

• Proper Mulching, CLICK HERE

• Protecting Your Stream – 25 Ways to Protect your Stream and Streamside Property, CLICK HERE

• Put Rainwater to Work for You,  CLICK HERE

• Rain Gardens Brochure, CLICK HERE

• Raise Mower Height for Healthier Lawns, Cleaner Water, CLICK HERE

• Restaurant & Food Service Good Practices, CLICK HERE

• Stormwater is Everybody’s Business, CLICK HERE

• Streamside Buffers – What to Plant?, CLICK HERE

• Streamside Property – How to Care For, CLICK HERE

• Swimming Pool Fact Sheet, CLICK HERE

• The Right Tree in the Right Place,  CLICK HERE

• Tips for Streamside Landowners,  CLICK HERE


Additional Stormwater Runoff & Pollution Prevention tips are available at: 

Delaware County Conservation District

Pennsylvania Association of Conservation District

PA Department of Environmental Protection


Darby Creek Valley Association

Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

United States Environmental Protection Agency – Helpful Links

Stormwater “Best Management Practices” – Case Studies

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