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Our Environment

Newtown Township has many things to offer our residents and our visitors. Our history, our homes, our businesses and our open spaces are treasured resources that we do not take for-granted.

An essential resource to our resident and visitors is our natural environment and how we as a community care for it.

Our environmental legacy has been passed on from generations past and as caretakers Newtown residents must be responsible for conserving our resources and passing them to future generations yet to come.

One of the primary efforts in this area comes under the title of Storm Water Management programs. On our Stormwater page you will find significant information and links to the people and resources available to help us in the protection of our water resources, stream paths and aquifers. The township is working hand in hand with organizations such as CRC, DCVA and implementation of the PADEP MS-4 requirements for protection of our Darby Creek and Ridley Creek Watershed

Water Quality Reporting Resources / Info for Residents

Our residents can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams before more damage and pollution is created, as they are often the first to notice the problems.

Darby Creek Valley Association

Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection


Click here to link to our STORMWATER page.

Click here to link to our ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY COUNCIL page.

Click here to find information regarding the EMERALD ASH BORER and Newtown Townships plan to address the problem,

Click here to read about NEWTOWN SQUARE IN BLOOM – a beautification effort throughout our community.

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