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2019 Storm Cleanup Request Form

  1. Newtown Township is offering Storm Cleanup Collection during the month of July, 2019. During this month-long event, Public Works crews will be providing a one-time pick-up of branches and tree limbs throughout the Township for any resident who requests it.

  2. Branches and tree limbs can be as large as ten (10) inches in diameter. They must be cut into lengths no longer than six (6) feet and stacked neatly at the curb with cut ends facing the street. Leaves, grass clipping, brush and branches with a diameter larger than ten (10) inches and a length larger than six (6) feet will not be accepted.

  3. Public Works will handle the proper disposal of these limbs and branches. There is no cost to residents for this pick up. However, this service is for residents only, and is not available to landscaping companies or to business properties.

  4. Date of Pickup Requested:

    1. Please be sure branches and tree limbs are prepared for this date.

    2. We will make every attempt to honor your requested pick up day. However, if a scheduling conflict arises, pickup will be made as soon as is possible afterwards.

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