Where should we place our leaves for collection?

Numerous calls come in due to leaves being placed in the street and folks wanting us to come immediately to clear them. Leaves are never to be placed in the street. Placing them in the street causes a potential danger and is forbidden per Township Code - it can result in a visit from a Police Officer or Code Officer - it is not a way to get Public Works to come to your street quicker outside of the schedule!  See Newtown Township General Code - Chapter 145 to see the possible penalties for placing leaves in the street.

Leaves must be behind the curb so the road is always passable by pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Plus, snow and ice removal takes far longer for us and then for you when the piles are on the street (hidden by snow) and wind up getting plowed back onto your yard.

Stormwater Inlets

In a similar vein, please keep stormwater inlets and gutters clear when it rains. While we do try to clear stormwater inlets as best we can when rain is expected, homeowners need to do their part to make sure water properly flows in the gutters and inlets in front of their properties too.

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