Why were my leaves "skipped" for pick up?

We do not “skip” piles of leaves unless they are blocked by a vehicle or unless they are full of sticks or rocks. Those we cannot collect. Our leaf collection machines are essentially large vacuum cleaners - your vacuum cleaner at home cannot handle material it is not designed for without being damaged - the same is true for the leaf collection equipment - they are meant for leaves only. 

Leaves mixed with grass trimmings, sticks, branches, rocks and wood will NOT be collected.

Public Works provides for collection of other yard wastes like sticks, Christmas Trees, etc. at other times of the year - during these 9 weeks we can only collect leaves with this equipment, so please do not put other material in your piles (and hiding them underneath some leaves does not mean the machine can magically take them!).

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1. Why were my leaves "skipped" for pick up?
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