Historic Property Information

If you own a historic home or property in Newtown Township, you can apply to have it added to the Historic Resources Inventory. The Historic Preservation Commission can also submit an application for any property within the Township. If your property has been identified by the Historic Preservation Commission and an application is summitted, you will be given at least a thirty (30) day notice of the meeting where the recommendation will be made on the property. As a property owner, or neighbor, you are encouraged to support or dispute the application during the meeting. If the application is recommended for approval and sent to the Board of Supervisors for final decision, you will receive another notice and you are encouraged again to support or dispute your case to the Board of Supervisors. 

Protections for Class I and Class II Historic Resources

If approved by the Board of Supervisors, your property will be recognized in the Historic Preservation Ordinance and will be protected with a Zoning Overlay. This protection varies on the type of resource. Class I resources, which already would have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, have strong protections - prohibiting property owners from doing any structural work without approval from the Historic Preservation Commission and the Board of Supervisors. A Class II designation does not prohibit the owner from modifying their property. The protection is essentially designed to discourage structurally and aesthetically altering or demolishing the property, and provides the Historic Preservation Commission and the Board of Supervisors an opportunity to encourage the owner to preserve the property and offer varying remedies instead of demolition. You can read more about the qualifications and protections in the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

How to Apply

See the following applications below. Fill out all of the information and submit to the Township Administration by mail, in person, or email to Heather Hastings hastingsh@newtowntownship.org . You can find our mailing and physical address at the very bottom of the page.

Class I Historic Resources Application

Class II Historic Resources Application