Sustainable Newtown Square - Green Business Coalition

Sustainable Newtown Square - Green Business Coalition 

The Sustainable Newtown Square – Green Business Coalition is a free program sponsored by Newtown Township for businesses that pledge to environmentally sustainable practices and give back to the community.  This is a 100% voluntary and non-binding program that helps to: 

  1. Educate businesses on environmentally sustainable practices, and
  2. Reward and recognize those businesses who have taken steps to be good stewards of their community and environment, and
  3. Encourage residents to buy local and consume responsibly. 

The goal of the program is to create and further the public-private partnerships within Newtown Township and its’ business community, in a way that creates win-win opportunities for not only the businesses, and local government, but it’s residents and patrons, as well. 

If you own or represent a business that operates within Newtown Township, you can sign up by filling out the form below and making the “pledge”.  The goal is to establish small, achievable milestones that is realistic for your business to meet that doesn’t hinder your bottom line.  Some ways you can participate are: 

  • Reduce or eliminate single-use plastic (including takeout containers, plastic bags, straws, etc.),
  • Volunteer each year in Township-sponsored park or stream cleanups and tree plantings,
  • Make every effort to recycle all eligible materials (i.e. boxes, paper, glass, and plastic),
  • Evaluate and implement ways to reduce electric usage and move to renewable electric sources (Electric fleet, LED and/or motion-sensing lighting, Solar),
  • Landscape your business using native plants and trees,
  • Communicate your sustainable efforts and encourage your customers and patrons to do the same,
  • Evaluate and implement water conservation efforts and manage stormwater runoff best practices 

Once you make the “pledge” you will receive a free decal for your business, digital signage for your website and/or social channels, inclusion in Township communications.  Many businesses are already demonstrating sustainability, and this can be an opportunity to share best practices across the community.   

Additionally, each year, one business that has championed sustainability and has gone above and beyond its commitments will be eligible for an award. 

There are many ways a business can impact the community, and through short-term and long-term planning, we can make Newtown Square a healthier, more beautiful, and more sustainable place to live, work, and play

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