Rail Trail Feasibility Study

Maps - 1909 Newtown Township Detail of  Railroad Bed

Rail Trail Feasibility Committee

Name Representation Position
Joseph Falcon III Trails & Greenways Committee Chair
Chris Stephano Local Resident Vice Chair
Peter Lake Parks & Recreation Committee Secretary
Patricia Davis Local Resident Member
Charles Lister Local Resident Member

Feasibility Study

The Newtown Square Branch Rail Trail, running approximately 1.3 miles, would connect Newtown Township’s Greer Park (a 6+ acre neighborhood park) at its western end, and Brookside Park (19 acres of open space with areas for active and passive recreation) at its eastern end. The Trail Segment would run along the former Pennsylvania Railroad’s (PRR) Newtown Square Branch track bed.

The Board of Supervisors has contracted the firm Simone Collins to conduct the Feasibility Study, overseen by the Rail Trail Feasibility Committee. The goal of this study is to explore the potential and possibility of establishing a trail that follows the old Pennsylvania Railroad between Greer and Brookside Parks. Simone Collins and the Rail Trail Feasibility Committee will consider local concerns, geographical impacts and a multitude of other factors.

Public input is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED all throughout this process. There will be three open trail walks in the area throughout the summer, so residents can get a feel for what the trail would look like. There will additionally be a number of public meetings to share concerns and gather input from both residents adjacent to the trail and throughout the community. Click here to access the set schedule of the whole Feasibility Study process. Below is the parcel map showing the location of the trail area.

Parcel Map  Highlighted

Check out the documents below for more information on the Feasibility Study, as well as supporting background information:

Rail Trail Feasibility Resolution


Simone Collins Proposal

Delaware County Open Space Plan

Delaware County Greenways User Guide