Rail Trail Feasibility Study

Maps - 1909 Newtown Township Detail of  Railroad Bed

This proposed trail segment runs approximately 1.3 miles and would connect two Newtown Township parks via a trail running along the former Pennsylvania Railroad track bed.  It is one of the potential trails identified in the Newtown Township Greenways and Open Space Plan.

There will be the usual anticipated activities associated with a feasibility study (work in the areas of surveying, researching, planning, estimating, drafting, legal, etc.)   Potential trail alignment and alternative routes will be looked at.  Management and maintenance considerations will also be looked at in a general manner.

A primary focus of this study is public participation. The railroad once ran through the various farms within the Pennsylvania Hospital property when it was built in 1895. The railroad bed itself is now the property of PECO, but approximately 70 individual properties are now neighbors to this parcel after the farms were developed into neighborhoods beginning in the late 1940’s. A significant amount of time is dedicated to involving those neighbors in the study, sharing information regarding trails and earnestly listening to their concerns.

Here are some documents to provide some more information:

Parcel Map

Newtown Township Greenways and Open Space Plan

Resolution 2021-27