Bird Town Pennsylvania

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Newtown Township and the EAC are pleased to continue our dedication to the Bird Town PA program and advance our efforts to preserve our native wildlife and celebrate its biodiversity. Thanks to the EAC, who has taken the lead to place an emphasis on this program, the Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 2022-10 in February of 2022. The resolution keeps the Township on this path of preservation, alongside the PA Audubon Council. 

PA Audubon Council Summary:

Within the national conservation network, the Bird Town Program has served as a beacon for new, emerging programs that desire to engage communities at the municipal level. To date, there are at least ten analogous programs across the country based on the success of Bird Town. 

The strength of the program is based in its grassroots approach, innovative programming, and ability to bring people together and create a sense of place through the lives of birds and improved landscapes. The measure of success is the number of people impacted through outreach efforts within a community. Whether it’s a native plant sale, holiday parade float, or simple table presence at a community day, Bird Town has proven to be a substantial outreach tool for engagement, volunteerism, and a cohesive community ethos. 

Below are links to various informational documents pertaining to the goals and mission of the Bird Town PA program. Check them out to learn more!

Resolution 2022-10 Initiatives to be Recognized as a PA Bird Town

Goals and Strategies

Background Information