Bare Root Tree Program

As part of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit, the Township has been approved to plant 1000 trees over the next five years in an effort to improve water quality and reduce sediment discharge within the Township. The Township hopes to plant hundreds of trees on Township property during that time, but to reach the 1000 tree goal, individual property owners will need to plant trees on their properties as well. For best results, trees need to be planted within riparian buffers of streams and water ways within the Township. Addressing the on-going problems of storm water, planting Street Shade Trees will help reduce the quantity and improve the quality of water run-off. 


The Shade Tree Commission is working with the Township Staff and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Tree Tenders to pre-purchase bare root trees. Property owners can then purchase trees from the Township at a discounted price and plant on individually owned properties within the Township. 


As a Pilot Program, the Shade Tree Commission authorized the ordering of 10 Bare Root Trees to be sold to property owners throughout the Township. 


As part of this program the Township Staff will do the following;

·         Order Trees recommended by the Shade Tree Commission found on this list.

·         Pick-up trees when they become available from PHS and pay PHS for the trees.

·         Deliver Tree, stake and ties to individuals who sign up for a tree and pay the Township the cost of the tree $55.

·         Connect the property owner with a volunteer Tree Tender to oversee the planning process

·         Submit to PHS all required information.  Volunteer/staff waivers and participation information, as well as address and species for each tree planted is required to be submitted to PHS after planting.

·         Follow up Monitor planted trees, and participate in the PHS Tree Checkers tree health monitoring and data collection program next summer. 

Requirements of Property Owners:

  • Trees must be planted within a few days of pickup, and no later than November 22, 2021. 
  • Subsidized trees must be planted as public amenities in such areas as along residential or commercial street curbs, within parks or other public properties, or within ~10 feet of the sidewalk/street (in the right of way) if on private property. You must contact your municipality to confirm its tree planting guidelines and approval.
  • Adhere to local ordinances, contacting the PA One–Call system, preparing planting sites, safe storage of trees until planting, plant the trees following PHS safety protocols.
  • Reach out to the provide Tree Tender and schedule a day and time for the tree planting
  • Dig the hole for the tree and prepare for planting the tree prior to the Tree Tender arriving
  • Must have a plan for watering and maintenance of the trees for the first 2 years.

To be a part of the Pilot Bare Root Tree Program please contact Steve Bradly at

If you want to become a Tree Tender PHS offers training. The next training is 2021 Fall Tree Tenders Basic Traning (