EAC 2021 Events

  1. May

The Township Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) will be sponsoring numerous event throughout May. Come visit the EAC Native plant Pop-Up Gardens in the Township and consider attending the two virtual Gardening programs. Click here to see the outline of events for the month of May.

Current Events:

2021 Township Building Pop-up GardenGardening with Nature in Mind:  Native Plant Pop-up Garden!

There is still time to enjoy the Native Plant Pop-up Garden! Now located at St. Albans Circle until June 15th! 

Past events you can still watch!:

NT 2020 Native Plants Advertising  Landscape-page001"A Garden Conversion" - Wednesday, May 12th, 7:00-8:00 pm*  

Vince Smith, President, Valley Forge Audubon Society

Walking us through the steps of converting a yard to native plants and the rewards that follow!

Click Here to Watch the Webinar!

NT 2020 Native Plants Advertising  Landscape-page001

"Gardening: A Wildlife Biologist’s Perspective" - Wednesday, May 5th, 7:00-8:00pm*

Michael J. McGraw, MES, QAWB Senior Wildlife Biologist and Ecologist

 Click Here to Watch the Webinar!