2023 Newtown Township Road Program

Milling of Boot Road

Images on this page are from the Newtown Township 2020 Road Program 

2023 Road Program - Initial Information

The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors is committed to supporting a road resurfacing program that provides for the regular evaluation and prioritization of Township roads for repaving.

After careful evaluation and consultation with staff and the Township Engineer, Public Works recommended that the following roads be considered for inclusion on a potential Newtown Township Road Resurfacing program in 2023.  At the May 22, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Board approved the staff recommendation for the project.  

Sealed bids were received by Newtown Township, electronically through the PennBid program (https://pennbid.procureware.com) until 11:00 AM, prevailing time, on the 21st day of June 2023.  At the June 26, 2023 meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the Board approved the Award of the project to Glasgow, Inc. with a base bid of $635,034.50 and an alternate bid of $17,048, as recommended by the Township Engineer.  Note that the alternate bid was for work requested by the Municipal Authority and was approved by that entity as well. 

Work is now scheduled to begin on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

That listing of roads to be resurfaced in 2023 is as follows:

  • Barren Road 
  • Devon Drive
  • Dutton Drive
  • Hilltop Road
  • Radnor Drive
  • Rhoads Avenue
  • Rockwood Road
  • Springhouse Lane
  • Woodhill Road 
  • Frog Hollow Drive
  • Sleepy Hollow Drive
  • Sleepy Hollow Lane

This proposed listing of roads represents 19,630 linear feet, or approximately 3.7 miles of the township’s 52.88 miles of roads.  The recommendation is based on condition of the road surface in those areas, the work being primarily concentrated in two neighborhoods and the funding available for such work this year.

Wedgewood Circle and the portion of Malin Road that Newtown Township cares for were later able to be added to the 2023 Road Program as well.

Upon the conclusion of this year's road resurfacing project, more than half of the roads that Newtown Township maintains will have been resurfaced within the past 10 years.

You can follow the link here to see the 2023 Road Program Map.

You can follow the link here to view the 2023 Road Program Advertisement and Bid Documents.

A decade ago, the Board of Supervisors began a commitment to implement a road program to drastically improve the conditions of our Township’s roughly 50 miles of roads.  Upon the conclusion of this year's road resurfacing project, more than half of the roads that Newtown Township maintains will have been resurfaced in that time.

Stormwater Inlet Repair Work

September 21, 2023 UPDATE

Milling and paving work for Newtown Township’s 2023 Road Program began today. 

Milling was completed along the curb lines of Frog Hollow Lane, Sleepy Hollow Lane and Sleepy Hollow Drive.  Milling on the balance of those three roads should be completed tomorrow (Friday).  Any necessary base repairs will follow, and then final paving will take place.  We are waiting on a confirmation of how long paving will follow milling by - we are aware that Glasgow, Inc. has been running behind with paving due to rain this season.  A final schedule will be shared when finalized by them. 

Milling over on Hilltop Road and Radnor Drive will begin on Monday, September 25th.  They will begin at the bottom of Radnor Drive, then after school drop-off is completed will work in that area - being finished before school pick-up that afternoon.  This should alleviate potential additional congestion in the area.  After that, the work will move into the Barren Road area.

Remember to follow the "no parking" instructions that will be posted just before a road is worked on.  

September 20, 2023 UPDATE

Milling and paving work for Newtown Township’s 2023 Road Program is beginning on Thursday, September 21st .  

Milling operations will begin on Sleepy Hollow Lane, Sleepy Hollow Drive and Frog Hollow Lane.  Operations will then move to the Barren Road area next week.  Glasgow is sending an updated anticipated schedule for review by the Township Engineer which will be posted upon approval.

Glasgow, Inc. will be dropping a leaflet off right before they work on the roads.  They will also post some “no parking” signs right before they start.  Normally, a paving contractor will work to mill (grind off and remove the top 1 ½ inches of asphalt) all of the roads in the immediate area, then a few days later install and roll new asphalt. Even while the work takes place, residents will be able to get to and from their homes – as will school buses and trash, recycling, mail and delivery trucks.  At certain times during the work they may need to wait though.  The workers will make every effort to ensure the process is as smooth as is possible.  

As you can imagine, some of the roads on this year’s program will be challenging as we know many residents park on those streets during the day.   As it will be impossible to mill or to resurface with vehicles parked on the road, residents and their visitors are asked to follow the instructions of the paving contractor while they finish their work.

Please be extremely careful while traveling through any road work area for your safety and for the safety of those performing the work.

We appreciate the patience and understanding and cooperation of everyone involved while the repaving work takes place.  It will be inconvenient for a short time, but the benefit of the new road should last for a long time.