Gather in the Circle

Who is Gather in the Circle? We are a group of community volunteers who are working with local government to help reimagine the St. Albans Circle area. We are supported by Connect the Dots and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, both of whom are experts in placemaking and community engagement. As our community grows and changes, we want to make sure this important and unique part of Newtown Square doesn't get left behind, and continues to thrive. We hope to unlock the potential of St. Albans Circle area by inviting the community to "Gather in the Circle."


St. Albans Circle has many ingredients needed for a successful gathering place within our Township:

 ● diverse local businesses;
​ ● nearby walkable neighborhoods;
​ ● proximity to major roads, transit, and future trails;
​ ● a central location; and
​ ● a place within the history of Newtown Township.

​There is strong demand within the community to create a vibrant, walkable, public gathering place central to Newtown Square that supports both the needs of local businesses and our diverse community. St. Alban’s Circle has great potential to meet all of these needs if reimagined and revitalized.

​In order to spark a reimagining of the area, we are planning a series of pop-up events in and around the circle for 2020. We are seeking input and feedback from the community during each pop-up event to help inform long-term planning decisions.

Placemaking is a collaborative process by which a community can reimagine and reshape their public spaces for the benefit of all. It often uses the “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” method of testing and measuring changes using a short-term, low-cost, high-impact scalable approach.

​● Activate St. Albans Circle area
​● Create a collective community vision for the area
​● Improve the sense of place and identity of Newtown Square
​● Reimagine St. Albans Circle area…
​… as a place with a unique identity
​… as a place to shop, linger, and enjoy
​… as a place for streetscape enhancement
​… as a place for art and creativity
​… as pedestrian- and bike-friendly
​… as a community gathering place

The following are some of the placemaking projects we hope to test in the St. Albans Circle area:

Pop-up PARK
​Temporary park typically installed on existing and underutilized paved surfaces to create areas for people to gather and relax. ​

​Temporary outdoor festive event to engage and connect the community. Art installation Adding public art, such as a painted mural on a blank building wall, to add vibrancy and sense of place to an area. ​

​Process of adding temporary physical changes to existing roads, such as St. Albans Ave., to reduce vehicle speeds and increase pedestrian safety. ​

​Process of adding temporary painted crosswalks to existing roads, such as the roads surrounding St. Albans Circle, to increase pedestrian safety. ​

Pop-Up Streetscape Temporary additions, such as plantings, lights, benches, to enhance the look and sense of place of an area.​

ST ALBAN’S CIRCLE - A historic hub of Newtown Square. Diverse local businesses. Nearby walkable neighborhoods. Proximity to major roads, transit, and future trails. A central location. What changes to the St. Albans Circle area would you like to see? What ideas would you like us to test?

FarmersMarket vendor volunteer call


Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent Farmers Market Survey.

Gather in the Circle is pleased to confirm that an exciting new Farmers Market is coming soon to Newtown Square, to be held on the charming grounds of the St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

The market is scheduled to be held every Friday between 2pm-6pm, May through September.  St. Alban's Episcopal Church has a prime location near the intersection of Rt.252 and West Chester Pike, all within walking distance to surrounding neighborhoods and shops.  

Call for vendors and volunteers for the Newtown Square Farmers Market! 

  • We are currently accepting applications for vendors for our 2021 season. 
  • We are also looking for volunteers to help with the market. This is a fun opportunity to lend a hand, and  help make the market a success for our community!

If interested in volunteering or being a vendor, please contact for further information. 

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