How to Join a Virtual Meeting

At the direction of the President of the United States to suspend all public gatherings of 10 or more as well as the direction of the Governor of Pennsylvania to limit being in public and to practice social distancing; Newtown Township has moved all public meeting to virtual format during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This will include all Board, Commissions and Committee meetings.

During the duration of the Emergency Declaration, the Township is using as the host for the virtual meetings. 

Each meeting will have its own unique web link “URL”, Password (if needed) and Webinar ID for those who wish to call in for audio access.

The web link and a call in phone number will be provided at the top of the published agenda for each meeting under the "Instructions to Join a Virtual Meeting" heading. The instructions will also be posted on the exterior door to the Township meeting room as well as emailed to those on the our email list. 

In an effort to make sure those who wish to attend the virtual meeting and/or make public comment during a meeting familiar with how to access a Zoom meeting/webinar the Township is hosting two “Practice Meetings.”

Two practice meetings for the public to test accessing the meetings will be held on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 7:00 PM and Monday March 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM.  Information for both of these meeting will be available as indicated above. If you have trouble accessing a meeting, please send email to   

Public Comment will be received one of four ways:

1. An “attendee” may virtually raise their hand; one of the meeting host will acknowledge the raised hand, unmute the attendee and allow the comment to be made.

2. If an “attendee” has phoned in they can make comment one of two ways:  

     The attendee can indicate through the chat function that they wish to speak by typing in the phone number they are        using and indicate they wish to make public comment.


      For attendees who have called in and have not logged in through the web link; the attendee can send an email to  include their name, the phone number they are using and indicate they               wish to make public comment.

      The caller will be unmuted; one of the meeting host will acknowledge the caller and the caller can then make the             comment.

3. An “attendee” may make public comment by emailing Enter their public comment into an email, send the email which will be read into the record.  YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE EMAIL .

4. If you are unable to access the online meeting for any reason, you may drop off your public comment in the drop box located at the Township building’s main entrance at least 15 minutes prior to any meeting.  YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE EMAIL.

Public Comment submitted by email will be read into the record either at the first Public Comment or the second based on the content of the Public Comment.  

Any public comments deemed inappropriate will not be read.