Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

Newtown SPAC Logo 4

“Our mission is to assess the shared vision of the Township across all segments of the community and recommend a Strategic Plan to the Township”

 The Newtown Township Strategic Plan Advisory Committee welcomes you. We have been officially appointed by the Township for the purpose of soliciting input from all segments of the Township community and to then develop a strategic plan for the next 5 years.  This process has no preconceived direction. Our objective is to develop this plan solely from community input.

This is truly your opportunity as a member of this community to let us know what you feel are the most important issues that should be addressed in the future.  The greater the number of responses we receive, the more worthwhile the plan will be.   

Once we receive and evaluate your responses, this committee will develop and recommend a plan to the township. It will then be the responsibility of the Supervisors to review and adopt the plan. After approval, it will be the responsibility of the Township to implement it.

Shortly, we will have a survey available here for you to share your vision.    There is a link below that you can register for Township notifications through which we will include updates and information on this process.  In addition, there are public meetings scheduled.  Please see below for dates and times.

Please tell your family, friends and neighbors about this opportunity to make a difference in Newtown Township.  Remember, this is your plan.  Check back here often for additional information on the survey.

                                                                        Thank You!