Doing Business in Newtown

Businesses in Newtown

A Great Place for Business

Newtown Township is a great place to live and to locate a business. With a large population of residents, there is a diverse and skilled workforce. That, along with the many visitors to the township and region result in a strong and expanding business base. Newtown is strategically located between West Chester and Philadelphia, enjoying excellent access to transportation and transit in the region.

The business community enjoys one of the lowest tax rates in the region which makes locating in Newtown Township attractive growth center. Newtown enjoys large multinational and regional companies such as SAP and AmeriHealth as well as leaders in the financial and health sectors. The historic nature and town center of Newtown Square and the many small business owners is at the core of commerce and social interaction of business and residents which will continue to grow well into the next decades and makes Newtown the place to be!

The Newtown Township Supervisors support businesses, programs and projects which are indicators of a strong economic base and strive for policies to integrate sound decision making to support the continuation of a diverse and healthy tax base for Newtown Township.

More Information

For information on Local Services Tax and other business regulations please complete the New Business Information Sheet and contact the Administrative Office at 610-356-0200 x146.

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