Newtown Square in Bloom

Newtown Square in Bloom Logo

In 2015, Newtown Square in Bloom (NSiB), as a chapter of the national organization, America in Bloom, was launched to deepen our community’s commitment to beautification. We extend an open invitation for residents to join.

About America in Bloom

America in Bloom originated in Europe and Canada and introduced its United States organization in 2001. The all-volunteer program seeks to promote civic pride through planting trees, shrubs and flowers and improving a community’s overall quality of life by working with other volunteer organizations and businesses within the community.

For more information about the national program, visit the Newtown Square in Bloom

Newtown Awarded Hanging Basket Award

At the 2016 America in Bloom Annual Symposium held in Arroyo Grande, California, Newtown Square in Bloom’s Hanging Baskets were awarded first place for “Best Combination of Plants in Hanging Baskets.” This represented the highest hanging basket award of all 44 america in Bloom communities across the USA.

NSiB Projects

Besides supporting floral displays and historic preservation, NSiB members plan and participate in projects for parks and trails, urban forestry, environmental efforts and community education for attractive gardens. America in Bloom judges will return again this summer to evaluate Newtown Square’s progress in those criteria areas.

The NSiB organizing committee prioritized America in Bloom judges’ evaluation suggestions and recommendations from last year’s visit and has developed exciting projects for this year. Recommendations include engaging businesses to increase floral planters and landscaping and working with the Marple Newtown School District to encourage student participation in environmental and beautification projects.

Monthly Meetings

NSiB monthly meetings will be posted here on the Newtown Township website. All who would like to be involved in such areas as publicity, volunteer recruitment, gardening and beautification projects, etc. are welcome.