Township Solicitor

Local governments have need of legal expertise in correctly applying local, state and national laws for the protection and benefit of the Community. Such expertise is also necessary to ensure that the Township is appropriately legally defended for decisions made and actions taken, as well as to verify that all lawful obligations and contracts for service are entered into properly.

The excerpts on this page discuss the position of Township Solicitor per the Second Class Township Code of Pennsylvania.

Section 1101. Township Solicitor.

The Board of Supervisors may appoint and determine the compensation of a Township Solicitor. The Township solicitor shall be licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth and may be one person or a law firm, partnership, association or professional corporation. The Township solicitor serves at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.

Section 1102. Solicitor to Have Control of Legal Matters.

The Township Solicitor shall direct and control the legal matters of the Township, and no official or official body of the Township, except as otherwise provided under law, shall employ an additional attorney without the assent or ratification of the Board of Supervisors.

Section 1103. Duties of Solicitor.

The Township Solicitor, when directed or requested so to do, shall prepare or approve any bonds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances, ordinances and assurances to which the township may be a party. The Township Solicitor shall commence and prosecute all actions brought by the Township for or on account of any of the estates, rights, trusts, privileges, claims or demands, as well as defend the Township or any Township officer against all actions or suits brought against the Township or Township officer in which any of the estates, rights, privileges, trusts, ordinances or accounts of the township may be brought in question before any court in this Commonwealth and do every professional act incident to the office which the township solicitor may be authorized or required to do by the board of supervisors or by any resolution. The Township Solicitor shall furnish the Board of Supervisors, upon request, with an opinion in writing upon any question of law.

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