Township Manager


The Township Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and is responsible for the smooth operation Township government, as well as the global operations of the administrative, public works and public safety functions of Newtown Township, to ensure the highest quality of public services to our residents, businesses and institutions. As Chief Administrative Officer/Treasurer, the Township Manager is responsible to oversee Township finances and operating budget, as well as the employee pension funds.

Services to the Board of Supervisors

The manager meets with and regularly makes recommendations on all Township policies to the five members of the elected Board of Supervisors. The Manager or his designees attend various governmental functions and represent the Township Board of Supervisors in matters related to policy, response to citizen concerns and managing impacts of growth and economic development programs.

The Manager maintains and coordinates all Township business and public agendas for the bi-monthly Board of Supervisor public meetings, as well as special meetings or hearings relating to Land Development, Zoning Initiatives and special budget meetings.

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