2018 Road Program Work Underway – 8/7/18 UPDATE

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Road milling and paving operations are set to begin on Wednesday, August 8, 2018.  Please see below for an ANTICIPATED schedule from Glasgow Inc., the contractor that Newtown Township is working with on this project.  Understand that this schedule is subject to change due to factors including weather and other events. Also see the flyer that Glasgow is distributing to homes in the areas where they will be working.

Anticipated Repaving Schedule

Road Repaving Door Flyer from Glasgow

The segment of Saw Mill Road between Roberts Road and Boulder Creek Lane will be done beginning Monday, August 13th and should be done in three successive days (one day of milling, one day of binder course installation and one day of wearing course installation).  We hope to complete this road segment while traffic is still lighter for the summer and before school buses are on the road again.  For the first few days next week please anticipate traffic congestion on Saw Mill Road in this area.

Additional updates will be posted here as they become available.



Previous Post (7/20/18):

2018 Road Program Work Underway

The Newtown Township 2018 Road Program has started, and residents will be seeing work continue for the next two months.

The following roads are scheduled to be resurfaced as part of the 2018 Road Program: Green Countrie Drive, Jeffrey Lane, French Road, Roberts Road, Saw Mill Road (between Roberts Road and Boulder Creek Lane), Clark Drive, Deggs Circle, Richards Ridge, Bradford Terrace, Denford Drive, Clayton Place, Harvey Lane, Gartley Drive, Patterson Place and Martins Circle.  Public Works staff have been in these areas repairing stormwater inlets and making other preparations ahead of the repaving work, and an outside contractor will be doing additional stormwater inlet work shortly.  This work will involve full replacements of inlet boxes that need it.  Following the completion of this inlet work, the repaving work itself can begin.

The following roads are scheduled to have an ultra thin bonded wearing course installed as part of the 2018 Roadway Maintenance Project: First Avenue, Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Malley Street, Morton Street, Gilbert Street and Berman Street.  This installation will take place on only Township roads, and will not be done on non-dedicated roadway segments or “paper street segments.”  Public Works staff have been in these areas filling roadway cracks and making other preparations in advance of this installation of the ultra thin bonded wearing course.

Finally, traffic signal work will be taking place throughout the Township, adding emergency battery backups and emergency generator capacity to ten traffic signals.

When exact dates for specific work are finalized that information will be posted here.

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