2018 Leaf Collection – UPDATE

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As Newtown Township’s Public Works Department prepares to complete leaf collection in Zone #1, we would like to review some annual concerns brought to us and to remind the community about schedules and instructions so we can pick up your leaves in the most timely and safe manner possible.

First, THANK YOU to the majority of our residents who place their leaves out per the guidelines shared each year, follow the published schedule and are patient while we work our way through the Township.  During these 9 weeks of leaf collection, all we want to do is get the leaves picked up as quickly and as safely as possible!  Other than unexpected winter weather, road work and other possible emergencies, leaf collection becomes one of our department’s highest priorities during this season.

Many calls are made during leaf season with residents wondering when we will be on their street.  So far this year we have been able to follow the schedule published on this website and in the Township newsletter within IN Community Magazine which is mailed to every home in the Township.  We have been where we said we would be and when we said we would be there.  Recall that leaves must be out on MONDAY of the week we are scheduled in your area – if they are placed out on Tuesday or later we may have gone by already for that week.  We scheduled two visits to each street early in the season and are now working on two visits later in the season.  With this second round of visits, we completed week #1 of zone #1 and will be collecting leaves in zone #1 all next week (week of December 3rd).  We then move to our second set of visits to zone #2.  There is nowhere we have not already been at least twice, if not more often.

We do not “skip” piles of leaves UNLESS they are blocked by a vehicle or unless they are full of sticks or rocks.  Those we cannot collect, per our instructions put out in September.  Our leaf collection machines are essentially large vacuum cleaners – your vacuum cleaner at home cannot handle material it is not designed for without being damaged – the same is true for the leaf collection equipment – they are meant for LEAVES only.  Public Works provides for collection of other yardwastes like sticks, Christmas Trees, etc. at other times of the year – during these 9 weeks we can only collect leaves with this equipment, so please do not put other material in your piles (and hiding them underneath some leaves does not mean the machine can magically take them!).

Numerous calls come in due to leaves being placed in the street and folks wanting us to come immediately to clear them.  Leaves are never to be placed in the street.  Placing them in the street causes a potential danger and is forbidden per Township Code – it can result in a visit from a Police Officer or Code Officer – it is not a way to get Public Works to come to your street quicker outside of the schedule!  They must be behind the curb so the road is always passable by pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Plus, snow and ice removal takes far longer for us and then for you when the piles are on the street (hidden by snow) and wind up getting plowed back onto your yard.

In a similar vein, please keep stormwater inlets and gutters clear when it rains.  While we do try to clear stormwater inlets as best we can when rain is expected, homeowners need to do their part to make sure water properly flows in the gutters and inlets in front of their properties too.

Remember that burning leaves, and any form of “open burning” is strictly prohibited in Newtown Township.  If you see leaves being burned you should call 911.

Also, watch in your neighborhood for landscapers who may “dump” leaves from another location.  It occasionally happens.

We will be back in zone#1 this week (starting December 3rd) and then be back in zone #2 beginning December 10th.  Thank you for your help and your patience as we collect approximately 10,000 yards of leaves each season.  That is a lot of material being kept out of the waste stream!



(Published 9/28/18)

2018 Leaf Collection Information

Leaf Collections take place in the Fall of each year. Residents should think about whether they intend to compost their own leaves (or at least a portion of them), mulch some of their leaves into their lawns, or rake their leaves for the Township to collect.

The areas to be collected by the Township will again be based on the RECYCLING SCHEDULE MAP (zone #1 and zone #2). Please rake your leaves into even piles at the edge of your property. They should be INSIDE of the sidewalk. If you have no sidewalk, they must be INSIDE the curb. Do not allow leaves to spill into the street – they can clog gutters and storm drains, and piles in the street can be unsafe. If you have a landscaper doing this, be sure they understand these instructions, as the property owner will be responsible if leaves are found blocking portions of the street.

Leaf collection will be picked up according to Recycling Zone per the schedule listed on the map below, weather permitting. All leaves must be to the curb by Monday morning of your scheduled weeks for pickup. After the scheduled collection times have passed, you will be responsible to dispose of your leaves.

Any changes or updates to the schedule will be posted on the township website.

2018 Leaf Collection Dates and Map (interactive)

2018 Leaf Collection Dates and Map (PDF)

2018 Leaf Collection Information (PDF)


  • No leaf collections will take place on November 12th, 22nd or 23rd.
  • Leaf collections do not take place on streets which have not yet been dedicated to the Township, as these streets remain the responsibility of the developer or private owners.
  • Remember that burning leaves, and any form of “open burning” is strictly prohibited in Newtown Township.
  • Leaves mixed with grass trimmings, sticks, branches, rocks and wood will NOT be collected.
  • If you have a landscaping contractor assisting you with leaf raking, ensure that they understand these instructions and they have prepared the leaves by your scheduled time.
  • Landscapers who dump leaves from another location will face the possibility of fines. There is no dumping permitted in Newtown Township.




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