2017 Leaf Collection in Newtown Township

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Leaf Collection will soon be underway throughout Newtown Township!

Be sure to follow the instructions provided in the Leaf Collection flyer with a printable Leaf Collection Map. This is the same map with instructions and collection dates that was mailed to each home in the Township in August as part of the Township’s newsletter found in IN Community Magazine.  If you don’t know your zone you can find out by using our Interactive Leaf Collection Map.

This year, the areas to be collected by the Township will be based on the RECYCLING SCHEDULE MAP (zone #1 and zone #2) instead of the traditional precinct map used in previous years. Please rake your leaves into even piles at the edge of your property.  They should be INSIDE of the sidewalk.  If you have no sidewalk, they must be INSIDE the curb.  Do not allow leaves to spill into the street – they can clog gutters and storm drains, and piles in the street can be unsafe.  If you have a landscaper doing this, be sure they understand these instructions, as the property owner will be responsible if leaves are found blocking portions of the street.

Leaf collection will be picked up according to Recycling Zone according to the schedule listed on the map below, weather permitting. All leaves must be to the curb by Monday morning of your scheduled weeks for pickup.  After the scheduled collection times have passed, you will be responsible to dispose of your leaves.  Any changes or updates to the schedule will be posted on this website.


2017 Leaf Collection Schedule:

  • October 23 thru November 3                          Zone #1
  • November 6 thru November 17                      Zone #2   
  • November 20 thru November 22                  NO COLLECTIONS SCHEDULED
  • November 27 thru December 8                      Zone #1
  • December 11 thru December 30                     Zone #2
  • January 2 thru January 12, 2018                   Christmas Tree Pickups


Also, be sure that our trucks can access your leaf pile. We are unable to collect leaves if they are blocked by vehicles on your street.

NEVER interfere with traffic and create a hazard by placing your leaves in the street.  They must be kept behind your curb.

Please click here to view any updates to the leaf collection as it is taking place.



    • No collections will take place on November 10th, 23rd , 24th, or on December 25th .
    • Leaf collections do not take place on streets which have not yet been dedicated to the Township, as these streets remain the responsibility of the developer or private owners.
    • Remember that burning leaves, and any form of “open burning” is strictly prohibited in Newtown Township.
    • Leaves mixed with grass trimmings, sticks, branches, rocks and wood will NOT be collected.
    • If you have a landscaping contractor assisting you with leaf raking, ensure that they understand these instructions and they have prepared the leaves by your scheduled time.
    • Landscapers who dump leaves from another location will face the possibility of fines. There is no dumping permitted in Newtown Township.





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