Installment Payment Instructions

You have an option of paying your School Taxes in full with a 2% discount, or with three installments with no discount.

Payment Dates

If you choose to pay with installments, please use the coupons marked installment Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3.

  • The first payment is due by August 1
  • The second payment is due by October 1
  • The third payment is due by December 1

Delinquent Payments

If the first installment is not received/postmarked by August 1, the taxpayer will be ineligible to pay by installments.

A taxpayer, who is delinquent by more than ten days on more than two installment payments shall be ineligible for the installment option in the following year.

This is the only notice you will receive. If the second or third payments are received after the due date, a 10% penalty will be added.