Fire Department

The long and proud tradition of volunteer fire service in Newtown Square began in 1916. From then until now citizens of Newtown Township have responded when the call for help was sounded. Whether a gong hit by a hammer of 1916, or an alert pager of today to communicate that there is an emergency, the spirit of helping neighbors in time of need has not changed.


What is significantly different since those early days is the dimensions of the emergencies being faced. As contrasted with the barn fires of the past, today’s fire fighter must deal with vehicle entrapment, hazardous materials, high angle rescue, and many other situations that were never even thought about by our founders. To deal with these emergencies and provide for the safety of the fire fighters requires a high level of training, sophisticated equipment, personal protective gear and modern fire vehicles.

Fire Station

Located near the center of town, our current fire station (built in 1962) sits on the exact site of the original station. From this location we provide fire, rescue and fire police to Newtown Township as well as a portion of Willistown Township. Newtown Township itself is approximately 10 square miles and has a resident population of more than 12,000 men, women and children. With Newtown being a destination for businesses, the population of our Township increases greatly during the workday.

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Fire and other responses average 750 calls per year. A typical response for fire fighters can range from an automatic fire alarm, a vehicle accident, an elevator rescue to a fully involved structure fire. Our fire company must be ready to deal effectively with these types of emergencies and more.

Safety & Training

People are the most important resource of any fire company. Fire fighter safety, training and retention are our top priority. Another important part of the formula to help make our personnel as effective as possible in performing their duties are the vehicles which are used by our fire fighters. In addition to delivering the fire fighters to the scene of the emergency, a modern fire truck not only pumps water or foam on flames at a high volume, but also carries a wide array of tools and equipment. The Newtown Square Fire Company has a fleet of vehicles which includes a fire police, command, engine/pumper, a rescue and a ladder truck which are configured to handle multiple types of emergencies.

Support or Volunteer

As a person who lives in or works in our Township of Newtown, you are encouraged to support our Fire Department, to volunteer if you are able and to consider becoming a member. Join your neighbors in serving our community as you are able by responding to emergency calls for help.