File of Life (FOL)

This voluntary program is offered to residents affording them peace of mind and providing valuable information to police officers and emergency medical technicians during critical situations. FOL packets are available at the Police Department during normal business hours.

Bike or Skateboard Helmets

Children’s helmets are available in sizes from extra-small to extra-large and in various colors. Helmets can be purchased for $9 at the Police Department during normal business hours.

K-9 Unit

We have one canine in the unit who is trained for drug detection and tracking.

Youth Aid Panel

The Youth Aid Panel (YAP) offers participating police departments another alternative for dealing with first-time/minor juvenile offenses. The YAP empowers a community to participate in problem solving in its neighborhood. Youth Aid Panels are not a part of the juvenile justice system, but consist of trained volunteer community members. The YAP meets one evening a month.


The Police Department is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the YAP. Interested individuals may contact the Police Department during normal business hours.

Goals of the Youth Aid Panel

  • To prevent the youth from becoming more deeply involved in delinquent behaviors, the juvenile justice system and possible costly detentions.
  • To attempt to understand the “cause” of the offense and to help his/her family resolve the problem.
  • To provides a means of an amicable resolution for the victim.
  • To provide a means to increase the accountability and responsibility of youths for their actions.
  • To hold the juvenile responsible to both the victim and community through completion of panel imposed obligations.