Newtown Township Recycling Information

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Residential single-stream recycling collections occur from each home twice every month. Here you can see materials that can be recycled, a map with schedule, household hazardous waste collection information and other important recycling information.

Residential Recycling Information

Collections begin at 7:00 a.m. on your recycling day, so be sure to have your materials out before that. 

In the event of a missed pick-up, please call customer service at Republic Services directly at 610-265-6337 . Be sure to identify that you are from Newtown Township in Delaware County. For all other recycling questions you may call or email Newtown Township directly. Thank you for your efforts to recycle.

✔     There are no collections in the few instances where there is 5th Wednesday, 5th Thursday or 5th Friday of the month, so that everyone can stay on their 1st and 3rd / 2nd and 4th collection day schedules throughout the year.

     When a collection is scheduled on a Holiday, the collection will instead take place the day after.


Please use the tan and blue carts provided to each home by Newtown Township to put your recyclables in.  Additional materials can be placed immediately next to these carts.   All recyclables need to be clean and dry and placed loosely in the carts.  No plastic bags can be used for recyclables – using plastic bags / trash bags renders the recycling contaminated and can cause the collected material to be thrown out.

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ACME, Giant, Wawa and other stores provide bins for plastic bag recycling.  When other opportunities for recycling this kind of material are determined, the information will be shared here.

Recycling Map and Calendar

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Business, Commercial and Institutional Recycling 

Businesses and Schools keep familiar with the State of Pennsylvania PA Act 101 and the Newtown Township General Code Chapter 141, Article IV which discusses recycling in our Township, specifically how all commercial and institutional entities are required to separate from the waste stream all paper, cardboard, aluminum and leaf waste.  Failure to abide by these requirements is subject to a fine of up to $1,000.00.  Other materials such as plastics and glass are strongly encouraged to be recycled as well, and the State of Pennsylvania has additional requirements regarding electronics, hazardous waste, etc. Commercial and institutional entities report annually to the Township the verification of their recycling programs and the results of those efforts.  These businesses and schools set a good example for our community of Newtown and are to be commended for their recycling efforts.

Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Residents who wish to drop-off recyclable materials have several options to do so.  They may drop off at the following locations:

  • Newtown Township Municipal Building - the area is located near the entrance to the Public Works yard behind the police station / library. The green-gated area has 10 of our blue / tan recycling carts - just place your residential single-stream recyclable materials into the carts.
  • Delaware County "Igloos" - they accept glass, aluminum and bimetallic cans and plastic bottles. Follow the link for these drop-off locations.
  • Paper and Cardboard - Follow the link for locations that accept these materials.
  • You may also view the Delaware County Recycling site to see locations throughout the County that accept a wide variety of materials.
Recycling Drop Off Site
  1. Electronics & Appliance
  2. Household Hazardous Waste
  3. Delaware County Recycling Info

State of Pennsylvania Electronics Recycling Information

Newtown Township Electronics Recycling Drop-off Collection Events

Newtown Township partners with two other Municipalities to host an ’’Electronics Recycling Collection” event. In 2022 the event was held on Saturday, September 24"‘at Delaware County Community College. The three townships cover the cost so that residents of those three communities can bring electronics to be recycled for free. 

In 2022, the three participating Municipalities were Newtown, Marple and Springfield Townships. Public Works staff from Newtown and Marple together worked the logistics of the event. Approximately 800 vehicles attended over the 4 hours, and an estimated 63,000 pounds of electronics were collected for recycling. It went smoothly and wait times were minimal.  

The three participating municipalities determined that the next drop-off event will be held in 2024.  Newtown Township will post information about any scheduled event in 2024 on this page and under "news posts" once preparations have been finalized. 

Remember that you can also look at the "Electronics Recycling Pickup" tab on this page to see if you can make use of Newtown Township’s partnership with "retrievr" to responsibly recycle your electronics and textile materials. c

Newtown Township encourages residents to investigate the stores who sell electronics that also take electronic items to be recycled throughout the year. We are aware that TV’s are currently not accepted by these stores due to the extreme cost of recycling their components. We are actively looking for a resource for our residents to recycle TV’s and will post that information here when an option other than our annual electronics recycling event is found.   

There are other electronic recycling events at nearby locations held throughout the year - when we learn of these we will post that information here.

Newtown Township Electronics Recycling Pickup Collection

Newtown Township has partnered with "retrievr" (formerly Curb My Clutter) to provide residents an opportunity to responsibly dispose of electronic (and textile) waste that would not otherwise be donated.  Their service is text-based, where you text the word "pickup" to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824), provide some details of the materials to be collected and schedule a time for them to be taken away.  They come right to your door when you have the materials prepared.  Please follow the link below for full information, instructions, materials accepted and FAQ’s:



RETRIEVR Tri-Fold Flyer

There are other electronic recycling events at nearby locations held throughout the year - when we learn of these we will post that information.

Residential Trash Pick-up

Please note that Newtown Township does not facilitate the collection of residential or commercial trash. Residents and businesses need to hire a company that will dispose of trash based on their needs.

We suggest asking your neighbor who they use, or you can look companies up on the internet or in the phone book. Some of the collectors who work within Newtown Township are listed below. Please note that this listing is not intended to be a comprehensive list of who you can choose, and we do not endorse one company over another. Our only stipulations are that whatever company is chosen abides by all requirements found in the Newtown Township General Code.

Click here to view current trash vendors for Newtown Township