Permit Process

Read an overview of What You Need to Know When Applying for a Building Permit (PDF).

Items Needed for Application

The following items must be included with the permit application:

  • Completed permit forms
  • Site Plans, design plans, or specifications as necessary
  • Certificate of Insurance and Copy of Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) license, also know as a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) license.
  • Detailed instructions for Commercial and Residential permit submissions. 

Information for all appointments and inspections is contained on the second page of the Issued Permit.

Additional Notes

  • A one hundred dollar ($100) review fee is required at the time of submission for residential projects and a two hundred seventy-five dollar ($275.00) review fee is required for commercial projects at the time of submission. This fee is taken  off the final permit fee. 
  • Two (2) sets of plans are required for permit submission/review. Energy Calculations are required for all new buildings and additions. Commercial plans shall be prepared by a Pennsylvania registered design professional unless an exception is met under Section 403.42.
  • A copy of a signed contract shall accompany each permit submission. Plans/permit applications will not be accepted unless the required permit applications are complete and all other required information is submitted. No exceptions.
  • All Buildings heated and 500 square feet or greater shall be equipped with an automatic Fire Sprinkler system. For exceptions see Township Code, Section 88-7 B.