Roads & Road Issues

The Public Works Department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Newtown Township’s 52.88 miles of roads.  Also running through the Township are 15.78 miles of state roads that are maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), as well as several miles of private streets.  Click one of the tabs below to learn more about these different facets of our road infrastructure.

Township Roads

The Public Works Department maintains all roads that have officially been dedicated to Newtown Township. The Township repairs or resurfaces these roads as needed, plows and salts them during winter weather events and performs other maintenance necessary to provide for transportation needs within the community.  Below you will find various information relating to our road system.

Township Map

Newtown Township Roadway Evaluations (PDF)

Newtown Township Road Segments Listing - PennDOT (PDF)

Newtown Township Roads Map - PennDOT Listing (PDF)

2023 Road Repaving Program

Report a Concern

To report a pothole or other concern on any TOWNSHIP road please contact Newtown Township’s Public Works Department  We will address all concerns on Township roads as soon as possible.  For your convenience, use this link to submit your concern through Citizen Request Tracker.

To report a pothole or other concern on any STATE road (West Chester Pike / Rt. 3, Newtown Street Road / Rt. 252, Bishop Hollow Road, Bryn Mawr Avenue, Goshen Road, Media Line Road, St. Davids Road, Newtown Road, Church Road and portions of Gradyville Road) please contact PennDOT at 1-800-FIX-ROAD or by submitting your concern electronically via the PennDOT District 6 Customer Care Center.

Traffic Calming Policy

Newtown Township has established a policy by which residents can learn about and, if appropriate, request traffic calming measures in their neighborhood.  Below you will find the policy itself, the Pennsylvania Traffic Calming Handbook and the two request forms which can be used when requesting potential traffic calming measures be studied.  You are encouraged to read and understand the information in the policy before requesting a meeting, as the installation of traffic calming is more complicated that simply installing a speed hump.  The Newtown Township Police Department coordinates the investigations and effort, with assistance from Public Works and Township Administrative Staff.  A completed request for may be sent to the Chief of Police - a link to their webpage with contact information is HERE.

*  Newtown Township Traffic Calming Policy

*  PennDOT Publication 383 - Pennsylvania Traffic Calming Handbook

*  Traffic Calming Policy - Request for Informational Meeting

*  Traffic Calming Policy - Petition for Traffic Calming Study

  1. Harry J. Robinson

    Phone: 610-356-0200, ext. 134

  2. George Sharretts

    Director and Road Master
    Phone: 610-356-0200, ext. 112

  3. Public Works

    Fax: 610-356-8722

  1. State Roads (SR)
  2. Private Streets