Recycling and Leaf Collections

Newtown Township Recycling Information

Residential single-stream recycling collections occur from each home twice every month.  See below for materials that can be recycled, a map with schedule, household hazardous waste collection information and other important recycling information.  Collections begin at 7:00 AM on your recycling day, so be sure to have your materials out before that.  In the event of a missed pick-up, please call customer service at Allied Waste Services at 610-265-6337.  Be sure to identify that you are from Newtown Township in Delaware County.  Thank you for your efforts to recycle.


Residential Recycling Information:

Residential Recycling (PDF)

Residential Recycling Map and Schedule 

Residential Recycling Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)


Electronics and Appliance Recycling Information:

The Covered Device Recycling Act 108 of 2010 (CDRA) – A General Overview

Electronic Recycling Event – Anything with a Plug (PDF)

Items you can recycle at this event

Note #1 – Newtown Township thanks everyone who participated in 2017’s electronic recycling event on May 20, 2017. The event, held in partnership with Marple and Haverford Townships, took place at Delaware County Community College.  Over 105,000 pounds of electronic waste was collected to be properly recycled.  It is anticipated that the next event will be held on May 19, 2018.

Note #2 – Newtown Township encourages residents to investigate the stores who sell electronics that also take electronic items to be recycled throughout the year. We are aware that TV’s are currently not accepted by these stores due to the extreme cost of recycling their components. We are actively looking for a resource for our residents to recycle TV’s and will post that information here when an option other than our annual electronics recycling event is found. 

PECO Appliance Recycling (web page)

PECO Appliance Recycling (PDF)

Electronics and Appliance Recycling at BEST BUY

Electronics Recycling at STAPLES

Pennsylvania DEP – Electronics Recycling Information (with links)


Delaware County Recycling Information:

Household Hazardous Waste Collections (PDF) – 2018 Dates

Household Hazardous Waste Information

Automotive Products Recycling Sites in Delaware County (pdf)

Recycling Drop Off Locations

Note – this is a listing compiled and provided as a service by the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority – Recycling Division.

Delaware County Recycling Information

Latex Paint Disposal (PDF)


Newtown Township Leaf Collection Information

Leaf Collections take place in the Fall of each year.  Residents should think about whether they intend to compost their own leaves (or at least a portion of them), mulch some of their leaves into their lawns, or rake their leaves for the Township to collect.

This year, the areas to be collected by the Township will be based on the RECYCLING SCHEDULE MAP (zone #1 and zone #2) instead of the traditional precinct map used in previous years. Please rake your leaves into even piles at the edge of your property.  They should be INSIDE of the sidewalk.  If you have no sidewalk, they must be INSIDE the curb.  Do not allow leaves to spill into the street – they can clog gutters and storm drains, and piles in the street can be unsafe.  If you have a landscaper doing this, be sure they understand these instructions, as the property owner will be responsible if leaves are found blocking portions of the street.

Leaf collection will be picked up according to Recycling Zone according to the schedule listed on the map below, weather permitting. All leaves must be to the curb by Monday morning of your scheduled weeks for pickup.  After the scheduled collection times have passed, you will be responsible to dispose of your leaves.  Any changes or updates to the schedule will be posted on the township website.


2017 Leaf Collection Dates and Map

Latest Leaf Collection Updates


    • No collections will take place on November 10th, 23rd , 24th, or on December 25th .
    • Leaf collections do not take place on streets which have not yet been dedicated to the Township, as these streets remain the responsibility of the developer or private owners.
    • Remember that burning leaves, and any form of “open burning” is strictly prohibited in Newtown Township.
    • Leaves mixed with grass trimmings, sticks, branches, rocks and wood will NOT be collected.
    • If you have a landscaping contractor assisting you with leaf raking, ensure that they understand these instructions and they have prepared the leaves by your scheduled time.
    • Landscapers who dump leaves from another location will face the possibility of fines. There is no dumping permitted in Newtown Township.



Newtown Township Yard Waste Information

Spring Tree Limb and Branches Clean Up Information – 2017

2017 Yard Waste / Spring Clean Up Form (PDF)


Delaware County Composting Farm (PDF)

Note –Newtown Township has available compost for any resident of Newtown Township. The compost, made from the leaves which are collected in the township each autumn, is free for any of our residents. A compost pile is maintained at Brookside Park, and residents may take what they need. Compost will be available for our residents until our supply is exhausted.  Deliveries of compost to homes have been suspended due to the limited availability of compost at this time.  If deliveries are able to be done again the information and form will be posted here. 


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