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Effective Immediately - All permits MUST be accompanied by a signed contract.
For a specific department in Codes & Permits, please click on the appropriate key in the drop down menu.  The Departments that are available are: 
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Township Code & Permit Highlights
Section             1-4 Provides for fines not exceeding $600.00 for Township Code Violations
Sec. 172-102 Controls height of shrubbery or other objects at street intersections to 30" maximum
Sec. 69-1 ICC National Building Code - Regulates construction and the maintenance of intergity and safety of buildings.
Sec. 69-1 Building maintenance requirements.
Sec. 72-4 Requires conspicuous display of house numbers.  Numbers must be 2 1/2" x 4" .  Also refers to commercial establishments, office buildings, etc.
Chapter 61 Prohibits dogs from running at large at any time.  Dogs being walked must be on a leash.  Droppings must be collected and disposed sanitarily.  All dogs must be inoculated against rabies and must wear their current tag.
Sec. 66-1 Requires cutting of grass, weeds and scrub growth in excess of 12".
Sec. 145-12 Requires snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall.
Sec. 172-104 Regulates location and height of fences and walls to 6 feet, except for a retaining wall.  No electricity or barbs on fences.
Sec. 148-34 Requires property owners to maintain their sidewalks and curbs in a condition free of defects. 
Sec. 118-2 Requires all vendors and solicitors to be licensed.
Sec. 172-124 Prohibits handbills and posters on trees, poles, fences and automobiles.
Newtown Township Business Registration  Click Here for registration information and application.   Ordinance 2005-06, amended March 11, 2013 & April 22, 2013.   Business License must be displayed in a visible location on site of the business establishment.  The Business License is an annual registration valid from June 1st through May 31st of each registration period.

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