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(EAC) Environmental Advisory Council
Support Newtown Squares Hanging Basket Campaign! 
 Drexel Lodge Park "Birds of Drexel Lodge" Report for May 2012

Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) for Newtown Township – 2013



        To advise the Board of Supervisors and others on matters dealing with the protection, management, conservation, promotion and use of the natural resources within Newtown Township.  

        To make Newtown Square a beautiful, attractive destination for shopping, dining and living. 



        Help municipal officials make environmentally sound decisions

        Serve as liaisons to represent both the community and the decision makers

        Raise money for environmental projects

        Engage residents in natural resource protection, and township beautification

        Review development plans and updates existing ordinances for environmental impact and compliance

        Identify potential problems

        Suggest language to strengthen existing ordinances re: Environmental Issues


Projects planned for 2013

  • January 27 – Greer Park,  Get estimate on dredging -DONE $ 148,000
  • February   – Greer Park – Research possible grant to plant grasses and trees alongside pond edge
  • February   – TreeCityUSA application – to hear back if Newtown Township was accepted
  • February 25   – Re-submit Nature Trail Grant application for $ 33,000, requires Township $ 5,000 match if accepted
  • Order 2nd Bubbler Pump for lower pond – Drexel Lodge Park             
  • March 15 – submit Arbor Day proclamation for Board of Supervisor action
  • April 20 – Arbor Day observed – Tree Planting at Little League Field House
  • April 27 - assist Garrett Williamson Foundation with their Arbor Day Observation
  • May 4 – CRC Clean-up – Drexel Lodge Park
  • May 15  – Hanging Baskets go up


Projects, Accomplishments as of December, 2012

        Using Delaware County Conservation District mini grant, had gutters and rain barrels installed to water butterfly garden .

        Designed and planted a butterfly garden on the Drexel Lodge property

        Organized planting of 7 trees in connection with Arbor Day

        Installed bubbler with 3 diffusers for aerating upper pond at DrexelLlodge park

-         Reviewed and made specific comments to Planning Board and Board of Supervisors re: Terazza plans for 425 rental units

-         Hurley property for development

-         Old post office development plans

        secured funding for DLP riparian buffer tree, shrub and meadow planting to control down slope runoff and impede invasives growth. funding source;

$ 3,500 from Tree Vitalize - Delaware County Conservation District

                                    $5,000 from PECO Green Regions


  • Secured $ 6,500 in donations for 133 hanging baskets in business district which added color explosion in summer
  • Secured proclamation for 2012 recognizing Arbor Day which together with our planting of 7 trees and applications should get us “TreeCity USA” moniker for Newtown Square
  • Notified by Ethel Sargant Clarke Smith Foundation to resubmit in 2013 application for nature trail designing & constructing path across upper pond along far side and across lower pond.



  Projects, Accomplishments as of December, 2011

        Organized the planting of 60 trees on Episcopal Academy grounds to help with water runoff into Echo Valley and installed deer fences for tree protection

        Started hanging flower basket campaign in 2010 throughout the township.  In 2012, 132 flowering baskets will be installed

        Planted over 500 daffodils throughout the township 

        Submitted many grants, including:

o       Delaware County Conservation District mini grant for butterfly garden, awarded $500.00.

o       Delaware County Conservation District mini grant to install gutters, downspouts for rain barrels to water butterfly garden $ 500.00

o       Tree Vitalize grant for Episcopal trees, awarded $1,800.00.

o       PECO Green Regions grant for riparian buffer around the lakes in Drexel Lodge Park, to plant 35 trees, 20 bushes, and a number of shrubs, submitted,  $ 4,500.00.

o       Tree Vitalize grant for additional monies for lake conservation at DLP, awarded $4,500.00

o       Ethel Sergeant Clark Foundation to design and create nature trails and reinforce bridges over lakes in DLP, submitted $38,000

        Worked with Board of Supervisors to designate April 27th as an Arbor Day event when two trees will be planted at Drexel Lodge Park as part of Arbor Day Foundation.

        Applying to Tree City USA to have Newtown Square carry that designation. The Tree City USA program is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service. Over 3,400 communities are currently enrolled as a Tree City USA.

        Identified, named and installed plaques on 62 trees along Goshen Walking Trail

        Conducting on-going research of the many slopes and steep slopes throughout the township a with suggestions for conservation to impede flooding.

        Reviewed many new development projects including the new Rite Aid building, the addition of Terraza units, the Stony Knoll Subdivision, the Hurley property and submitted suggestions to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. 

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